Bulwark car park fines cancelled and enforcement stopped

Following on from my Blog on Monday and in a breakthrough on the saga of the Bulwark car park, I am really pleased that the enforcement of the car park at Bulwark has stopped, and all the fines issued to date have been cancelled. I was informed of this by the enforcement company today by email. Credit should go to the enforcement company who have acted quickly and have cancelled all parking tickets. They also have informed me that they have reimbursed those fines that had been paid. Thank you.

This is good news, as the implementation of this car parking regime has not gone down with the majority of residents. It is disappointing Sanctuary Housing failed to understand the impact of turning this car park in to a permit only car park without taking into consideration of how it would have on the surrounding streets and all the residents of the area. The irony of it all, the car park remained rather empty as residents feared getting a ticket.

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