Bullying and School Councils

Tuesday was spent dealing with the Single Issue Panel (SIP) on safeguarding children. On the Agenda were two items of importance ,  Anti Bullying Strategy and PADL. I shall cover the former first.

Bullying: A subject that I feel that most of us have some experience of, either our own experiences or through our Children. Many will argue of what is classed as Bullying, or will say it’s just children being children. Today I found out what the definition is. If someone feels they are being bullied, then it is bullying. That simple statement made it perfectly clear from previous definitions.

From the briefing today it seems there are a lot of help in schools on this very subject. There is also a lot of help if you still think the School is not acting on this or is not doing anything about it (Your personal view).  Well, I found out what can be done to help. Contact your Local Councillor who is able to put you in the right direction. They may not be able to instantly solve your issues, but they can bring in other Agencies and Parties that can help mediate to solve this problem. I am now better informed on this issue and I can now pass on that information to those who need it. This is in no way trying to circumvent a schools system, but is there if you feel you need more help. 

PADL: What is this you wonder, well it means a School Council. There are two schemes, one for Primary and (you guessed it) another for Secondary. Not all schools have signed up to this, but more are taking this up. It sounds like a great idea. Empowering (Sorry buzz word) Children to take some part in the running of their School. In Primary Barnardo’s is involved in helping the school help set up this.

Overall I like this, and  again the briefing was very informative. Sadly there is no extra funding schools get for running it, but the training in setting up a Council is free. I personally wish there was. Schools are already stretched thinly with budgets. The success of the project rests in Children, Parents and Teachers giving that little extra in making it work.

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