As I said it my previous post the other important item on the Agenda was the Budget for 2010-11. Now i wont go into great detail on this as most of the work on this has been carried out over the last few months.

It was only to be expected in the two main parties that make up Cornwall Council did their normal blame game and point scoring routine. A few of the Councillors still left in attendance asked a few questions, but considering most of these had been dealt with previously there was no killer questions delivered.

An interesting point in the budget was on Highways. It looks like each Divisional Member might (here’s hoping) be allowed to spend £8k on Highways projects in their areas. Now I welcome this as it give us local Councillors a chance to do a highways project in our areas that would not be normally done during routine operations.

A point was made that £7m is being but aside for restructuring. I am led to believe this is includes Staffing. No details were given, but it was said about future redundancies. 

Budgets are always difficult to deliver especially in tough economic times. Lets hope we don’t stay in this tough time for long or things might just get a little tougher for all of us.

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