BT Cornwall contract is today, officially no more.

Today marks the official end of the deal between BT Cornwall and Cornwall Council after the High Court granted judgement in favour of Cornwall Council and BT Cornwall did not appeal against that decision.

The contract has been terminated and services will  as of today – 18th January 2016 -transfer back to the Council. This will involve approximately 270 employees in HR Transactional Services – including Payroll, HR Employment Support, First Point Helpdesk and Financial Processing, ICT, Despatch, Printing and Telecare.

Both Cornwall Council and BT Cornwall have been working together to ensure that this process takes place as smoothly as possible and all services will be maintained.

The Council is continuing to hold discussions with BT Cornwall over the payment of costs and the level of damages we will receive, which as I said before, could run into many millions.

With this outsourcing journey now finally at an end, it is time to move on, learn lessons, and do not repeat such a project again.

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  • Stuart Roden

    Great news. However what is the total cost from option appraisal until today? It must be £millions the majority of which isn’t recoverable. Let us hope this very painful lesson has been learned? Stuart

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