Boundary Commission extends Cornwall’s electoral review till March 2017

The Leader of Cornwall Council, along with all the political group leaders at Cornwall, and with support from some of Cornwall’s MP’s wrote to the Boundary Commission to highlight the boundary review was not feasible in the period outlined by the Commission when they visited Cornwall in the latter part of 2015.

In exceptional circumstances, the Boundary Commission, have decided in light of the evidence submitted, have extended the review till March 2017. This means there will be no changes to Cornwall’s Boundaries, or the number of elected councillors for the election in 2017. This has been confirmed in writing by the Boundary Commission today.

The review will take place – and rightly so – but it will be on a timeline that is achievable and will be able to take into consideration the right evidence. If this extension was not granted, then Cornwall’s election in 2017 would have been a rushed job.

Furthermore, the Boundary Commission has made it clear a review will happen, and just because the deadline has been extended, the work must start now. The new boundaries will need to be in place in time for the 2021 Cornwall Council elections, unless the Council seeks permission to hold an out-of-turn election.

My view is this extension is welcomed. However, it is right that Cornwall Council looks at its number of elected officials on what is right for Cornwall, and not some arbitrary figure decided by a body from out Cornwall. Pre 2010, Cornwall had 346 councillors on primary authorities (district and county). Now it has 123.

Now we have to get on with the work by having the right number of councillors that will reflect Cornwall’s need for the future. This is not Turkey’s voting for Xmas.


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