Blue Buoy Steps Porthleven

I have had a few requests from residents of Porthleven for a railing to be fitted at the bottom of Blue Buoy Steps. Theses steps leading onto the beach are steep, but are also well used. One reason for their high usage is these are the only steps that you can access the beach whilst the ban of dogs on beaches is active.

An early meeting this morning (8:15) with an officer from Cornwall Council has produced a result. It has been agreed that a railing will be fitted to these steps. The railing will be fitted as soon as it can be placed into the work plan. I hope this should not take more than six weeks.

I am grateful to the officer in coming out so early, and more importantly, agreeing with my request.


  • Anonymous

    We have turned into a nation of nancy's

  • Anonymous

    I can not believe the old and young are expected to use these steps. Heath and saftey has fallen short this time.

  • Gill Martin

    Do these 'nancy's include 80 year olds then, they may need a handrail?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    last Anon,

    There is other access. Near the Institute, a big slipway and Loe Bar. You can still use these unless you want to walk a dog between 7am and 7pm in the summer months.

    East of Blue Buoy Steps is where you can walk your dog at any time, hence the reason for the steps use.

  • Anonymous

    It is hard to negotiate the steps with a dog on a lead; dogs can tend to go down faster than owner – the pebbles make it more slippery (like walking on marbles), needed a hand rail to hold onto! But after a couple of winters – wondering how long that will last?

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree, we are becoming a nation of Nancy's..

    Its about time folk 'Manned up and grew a set'…

    A rail would last one heavy storm… Almost as much a waste of money as the crossing at the boating lake

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Last anon,

    I would totally disagree with you on the crossing at the Boating Lake. I have only had good comments (apart from yours) on this crossing.

    As for the railing being lost in a storm, it could, but the railings above have been there for over 5 years, and are still there.

    The cost of the railings is not huge, and is likely to be around £200-£300. Hardly a bank busting amount.

    As for a nanny state, sometimes it can be seen as that, but if in my role I can make things easier, and improve areas then I will do. From the feedback I have received in person people are generally in support of railings being there.

  • Anonymous

    The steps are not easy to negotiate when you have a dog on a lead (in my case two). Sometimes you need something to hold onto and the pebbles make it a very slippery surface!

  • Emma

    Any idea on when this will be, just got a dog that pulls on a lead and really need something to help!

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Dear Emma,

    I have chased this matter up this very week. Hopefully I will get an answer to the start date in a few days.

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