Beware Cornwall is being targeted by a professionally run scam

Cornwall and the South West is being targeted by a professionally run national scam that is attempting to defraud people, many who are vulnerable due to age, out of thousands of pounds.

The offenders are tending to exhaust opportunities in one particular area of the country before moving onto another. Within the past few days West Cornwall, in particularly Helston has been the focus where a number of victims have transferred money into the offenders back accounts. Within the last 48 hours we’ve received reports of over £130000 being taken.

The MO is for the offenders to call the victims purporting to be a police officers from the MET and are investigating a crime relating to fraudulent activity on the victims bank account. They then convince the victim to either transfer their savings into another bank account or they obtain their bank details allowing them to withdraw money.

Please ensure the following initial actions are taken if you or someone has been approached, or has been a victim of this scam.

  • Ring 101 and inform the D+C Police
  • Dial 1471 from the victims landline – may reveal the caller’s number if the last call received was from the offender(s)
  • The priority is to prevent loss to the victim. If you have been scammed, contact your bank with a view to cancelling the card/account and blocking transactions or any pending. If caught early (within 24 hours) your money might be recovered.

    If unsure of the identity of anyone who phones, hang-up and seek clarification from the organisation they say they are representing.

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