Back To It

Well I am back, sorry for the slight lull in blogging, but why blog when you have nothing to say!

Anyway I have certainly hit the ground running post break. First part of the day was taken up with Health Scrutiny.

As I have blogged before, I was against the Upper GI Cancer treatment moving. I have to say I was pretty shocked to find out that they had moved it anyway, and it moved on the 1st Jan. That’s before we were even officially back. What’s the point in Scrutiny when they just ignore its decision. Saying that, the PCT still has the final say and not Scrutiny. I personally (and why I voted against the move) don’t think it’s a good decision for Cornwall.

A few hours into this meeting and I had to leave. This was because some issues appeared that needed sorting out as my role of Vice-Chairman of Licensing and Chairman of Parking. Looks like I will be doing a Call-in radio program this Friday on Laurence Reed. I will be there for a couple of hours answering questions. It will interesting due to the nature of the issues surrounding parking.

What I would like to see from those who are saying charging and parking issues are wrong or unfair are feasible solutions. It’s ok saying you don’t like it, but why not come up with the solution. You never know we might even adopt it. It’s easy saying make it free, but the revenue from Car Parking charges pays for services. If we gave free parking, then it would be a minimum 6% rise on the Council Tax. Or even if we made it really cheap; what services would you like cut? You see the solution is not simple. Call it a challenge, but help me come up with a fair and cheap system for everyone to benefit from.

All in all a very busy day for my first day back. I think the next few months are going to be extremely busy.

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