Back to it

I for one has had enough of the snow. It was fun for a short period, but that novelty soon wore off. Today, Monday was my first chance to get beyond my town and carry out the job I was elected for.

First meeting of the day was to formalise the first Helston and Lizard Community Network meeting. That was to take place this Wednesday.  There are 21 Town and Parishes in this network, plus 7 Cornwall Councillors. Each of the Town and Parishes  will have one delegate on this network. So 28 people all with a voice. I hope it will work, but I have a feeling that trying to get 28 people to agree is going to be difficult to say the least. I guess time will tell. Sadly this meeting has been cancelled and  now rearranged for a later date.  Maybe a good idea considering only 3 of the 7 Cornwall Councillors were able to make this pre meeting anyway.

It was then over to Camborne to finalise the Agenda for the next Licensing Act Committee. I was there in my role of Vice-Chair of this said Committee. The purpose of this meeting is again to formalise the Agenda. All meeting have to be structured with Agenda’s. This gives a clear purpose to the meeting and allows you to make decisions in a logical way. Without these it would turn messy and I believe you would never get anything done. Also, as these meetings are Public we must inform them no less than 7 days of what’s going to be discussed.

So it was not an exciting or action filled day, but you have to do the groundwork before you have the debate.

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