Article 4 Directive.

Article 4 Directive, what is it? It’s an added level of protection of Conservation that is given to a Conservation Area that helps safeguard the important heritage of an area.

It does not stop development, but makes sure that all future development is sympathetic to an area. It also removes automatic Permitted Development in the area. In future most changes will have to have Planning Permission. For what was handled under PD, these applications will be free.

The Town Council has worked hard to achieve Article 4 for Porthleven. This is now nearing the end stages and it’s hoped that this Directive will be in place by July 2010. Yesterday at Environment and Economy Scrutiny this was recommended to Cabinet for final approval. This will now be presented to Cabinet in April.

I have been given assurances from the Lead Officer that this Directive is a living Document and can be altered at future dates. They have also offered to come and speak to the Town Council if they want to make any changes to this Document.

One comment

  • Martin Nixon

    Hi Andrew,

    If only Penzance Town Council had the opportunity to do the same.

    I recall at the first SPC meeting when you voted against Option A stating that you wouldn't allow what was proposed for Penzance Harbour to happen in dear old Porthleven. A similar stance was taken by Joan Symonds from St Ives who added that she would be lynched if she voted for a similar scheme in her home town.

    The reason there were no alternatives was because Cornwall Council refused to acknowledge any- and used the threat of losing the link to Falmouth as a means to win their scheme some support.

    Best wishes

    Martin Nixon

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