Application for 75 affordable dwellings at Nansloe, Helston is given conditional approval

The application for 75 affordable dwellings on pasture near the Bulwark Estate was given conditional approve by the West Planning Committee of Cornwall Council. A conditional approve is where the principle of development is accepted, but further works and details need to be sorted prior to full permission is given. Councillors voted eight in favour, four against and there was one abstention.

The applicants, Coastline Housing has three-months to complete this work, which includes the Section 106, and the Deed of Easement to name a couple of points. If these is not completed within three-months, then the application is refused.

For those following the application, the Deed of Easement happened because of the strong objection by the MOD and with this Deed, the MOD withdrew its objection. Highways did not objection to the plan.  Nansloe Academy, which had major concerns about the access, withdrew their objection after an agreement has been reached between Coastline and the School. Basically, in short, the school gets land for a car park, money to build the car park and will work with the developers to make sure the drop-off point is safe.

This left only Helston Town Council and 26 residents objecting to the plan. One of Helston TC objections was on highway safety and supporting the schools concern. However, that no longer stands as the School’s objection had been removed.

If the plans are given final approval, the area of Bulwark will receive £22k for open space provision. Those people living in Helston will be given priority for these homes.


  • Gilly Zella Martin

    This is good news that all perceived issues are being addressed, and hopefully the application will go on to be satisfactory and fully approved, as Helston is in desperate need of affordable housing.
    I am struggling however to understand why Helston Town Council still object if the school and Culdrose have removed their objections.

  • Colin Francis Best

    Great news .

  • Ruby C. R.

    Fantastic news. It seems to have become the norm for Helston Town Council to object to everything anyway, except wasting Council tax payers money, they’re best just ignored. Anyone that’s ever been desperate for an affordable home would appreciate how important this is.

  • Delighted to learn that there are to be 75 Affordable houses but I need reassurance that these homes are to be for the Cornish people and that the Housing Association cannot sell the allocation on to a Council “further up the country”
    I trust you will keep a close eye on the matter as the application proceeds.

  • Jenny Pearce

    Superb news, good to know Cornwall Council has a majority planning committee councillors that recognise the importance of this for Helston. It is after all probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for Helston for an estate of 100% affordable homes.

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