Another Motion

I am involved with another Motion to Full Council. This time I am the seconder, and Andrew Long of Mebyon Kernow fame is the proposer. This Motion has support across all the Parties. The point of this Motion is firming up how the meeting of all 123 Cornwall Councillors should be conducted.

In the past this meeting has not always run as smoothly as a lot of back-bench Members have liked. In fact it has been said that this meeting is pointless due to all the major decision are made by the Cabinet. The only real exception to this is the Budget which Full Council gets the final say. The reasons are because this is the type of Council we have to have due to the rules laid down by Government. It is hoped by many Members that Mr Eric Pickles will change the rules and allow the Local Authority some scope to adapt these rules somewhat.

I have been slightly saddened that this Motion has been subject to some obstacles being placed in front of it. But due to the commitment of those who are supporting it, we have overcome this resistance, and pressed on to get it on the Agenda.  Click HERE to read the details of this Motion. I hope this Motion will be debated by Members as after all this is their meeting.

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