An Invasion of Panels

The Strategic Planning Committee is having a short respite from Supermarkets and large housing developments. In this lull you might hope there would be time to gather breath, but this is not the case.

In replacement of the ‘beloved’ Supermarkets it has been filled with Solar Parks. I have been told quite literary a hundred or so are coming forward for determination by the Committee. The following two meeting of the Committee are just about Solar Parks.

At present the following application are coming forward at the next meeting on the 31st March

• South Crofty Chynoweth Farm Solar Park
• Hawksland Solar Park
• Hewas Solar Park
• Newlyn Downs Solar Park
• Trenouth Solar Park

Then on the 8th April the following are ear-marked for determination.

• Brynn, Victoria, Roche
• Bonython Estate Solar Park
• Causilgay Barton Solar Park
• Churchtown Farm Solar Park
• East Langford Farm Solar Park
• Higher Tregarne Solar Park
• Howton Farm Solar Park
• Kernow Solar Park
• Manor Farm Solar Park
• Trevemper Solar Park
• Treworder Solar Park
• West Kingsmill Solar Park

I feel many of these parks are coming forward now is because of the Governments indication on changing the feed-in-tariffs that make Solar Parks very profitable. This of course is not a material planning reason to take into consideration and any decision should be made on sound planning reasons.

It does make you wonder how much of that profit will stay in Cornwall and more importantly, the local community that will have these parks next to them. If there is to be any community benefit would that be enough compensation for those communities that will now have a sea of glass (silicon) next to them?


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