An Improvement to Blue Buoy Steps

Back in July I had a meeting with an Cornwall Council officer to discuss the possibility of handrails being installed at Blue Buoy Steps. I am pleased to stay two handrails have now been installed. I hope mother nature will be kind to them as since I announced I was going to have the rails installed people have told me it is a good idea.


  • Anonymous

    Another granny state waste of money, why not walk down the slipway lazy gits.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    For a start, if you own a dog and want to walk it on the beach between the slip and Blue Buoy Steps you can't between Easter and the 31st Oct as dogs are banned (7am till 7pm).

    However, you can east of Blue Buoy Steps you can with your dog though-out the year and these steps are the only way onto the beach until you get to Loe Bar.

    So it has nothing to do with a nanny state. It is trying to make things easier for people.

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