• Broderick Beech

    Seems a rather pointless and unnecessary amendment. Rather good as it was

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    I presume the amendment is to lower the height slightly?
    I agree with the comment by Broderick Beech, I liked it as it was. It had I believe aesthetically pleasing artistic character.

  • Liked it as it was but at least they must have read many of the moans and adverse comments and acted on them. They are trying and it will tidy the area up. They seem to have improved the harbour over the years.

  • Susanne Nicholas

    What more can you do to spoil Porthleven? Gone is the character of the village It gets more like ST Ives and Newquay every day. I was born and brought up in Porthleven not someone who has just moved down here. Wow dear what wil be next!!

  • Ruby

    Don’t really think it matters where anyone was born, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, for example I happen to know Gill Zella Martin was born in Porthleven and read on here she was in favour of this building, and Cllr. Wallis was not born in Porthleven and was not in favour of the building and just because he wasn’t born in Porthleven hasn’t stopped him being the best Cornwall Cllr. I’m Cornish but I don’t think Porthleven’s spoilt and this planning app has been refused by the town council anyway. I agree with Richard too that the Harbour has been improved over the years. Things will change, we’re in a computerised world now like it or not. I’m hoping they do tidy up the shipyard with something as anything would be an improvement to what it is with holiday let cars just parked there. If there weren’t so many holiday lets there might be more room for locals. Not always good to be against planning apps as sometimes you end up with something worse instead.

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