Amended Plans in for the Shipyard building

In light of the comments made by Porthleven Town Council, Cornwall Council and objectors, the applicant for the Shipyard building has submitted amended plans.

The first question most will ask is ‘what has changed?’ According to the plans the building footprint has been reduced in size by 10% (from 855m2 to 770m2).  This has resulted in the rear elevation reducing to 14.4m in width and the length to 33.4m (for reference, the current blue building are 31m in length).

Amended plans

old plans

The building has also been moved nearer to the existing Origin Coffee building enabling the covered walkway and bus stop roof to be attached to the coffee house.  This has resulted in a larger gap between the river fence and the building from 7m to 7.9m. This is to address the issue of manoeuvring boats in and out of the shipyard.

The “look out” or staircase top has been removed from the top of the building.  Access will still exist using a sliding glass top to the stairs. Yet there is still no disabled wheelchair access to the roof.

Old position

I think the previous colour of Blue was universally disliked by commentators and in addressing that the colour of the building has been changed to silver grey.

There is a dedicated bus shelter as the previous scheme did not show clearly the enclosed dedicated space in the current bus shelter location. There will be a defined area with bench seats and a glass weather protective screen with the canopy roof covering the bus shelter.

The public toilets are still there and will be free to Porthleven people and the facilities will be cleaned and maintained by the owner.

The entrance shown on Methleigh Bottoms will be increased to 8.0m in width to ensure boats trailers, cars and HGVs will have improved manoeuvring. In a change to the access to the site the only entrance/exit to the site will be via the new entrance on Methleigh Bottoms. Only boats will be allowed to exit the current site

The lack of sufficient dedicated parking bays has also been addresses with 10 spaces dedicated to the new building

The proposed use of this building is to create jobs or potential work space.  At present almost no office space exists in Porthleven to provide small business with incubator work space / workshops.

These plans will again be discussed by Porthleven TC (date to be confirmed) where anyone for or against can make representations. I would also suggest people who have previously commented to update their view, or want to comment again due to the changes to the application.

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  • Gilly Zella Martin

    How about scrap the whole idea, invest the money in the institute instead, and have office/business space incorporated in there 🙂

  • Boat building is my interest and the youth, I would love to see a part of this retained as a boat building workshop to teach the art of clinker built boats and for the youth, offices can go any where within this beautiful fishing village ! Real jobs for future crafts people of this fine community innovation integration arts crafts for the future of our young people and one and all to share and development of real skills. After all this was a boatbuilding yard for the fishing fleet in it,s hay day. I would invest in that idea. For the benefit of our youth and the community for a common goal real jobs and career,s

  • Ruby C. R.

    No doubt there’ll still be some objectors to this revised building. The offices only look to be small to me, by the plans, so probably only really suitable for small office type businesses but I suppose that’s the idea.
    You say there’s no disabled access to the roof but I’m wondering why would anyone want to go on the roof when by the plans it looks like there’s nothing up there except roofing material.

  • Fred

    Gilly Zella Martin’s comment seems contradictory to her original support of the last proposed building.
    I can’t see why this shouldn’t New revised building shouldn’t be supported by all.

  • Moira Withington

    I understand that there a viewing area at the roof so disabled would want see the view over the harbour.

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