Alternative Weekly Collections

This little beauty was hidden in page 52 of the Draft Budget Plan (Agenda and Reports. Sorry I could not hot link the page as its a PDF file. The document you are looking is Draft Budget)

I was surprised to see this in there considering this item had not been discussed by the full Council or even been briefed on it. It was also only for the Western and Eastern Areas, but not the Central. (later i was told this was because those contracts were up first)

Now, I get worried when I see items like this in a Budget for the future without discussion. Are we being bounced into this? I damn well hope not. I did ask the King if he would give his word that this subject would have FULL Public Consultation before anything was even proposed. He said yes it would (I will hold him to that). I was told this could be implemented in two years time. Sounds a long time away, but time sure does fly.

The subject of rubbish collection is about as emotive to people as placing a Nuclear Power Station next to a Children’s School. As you have seen in the press people who have it imposed on them tend to take to the streets with pitch forks and burning torch’s

I personally have not seen any proof that fortnightly collections are anything more than a money saving exercise. We go on about recycling, but maybe it would be a help if those who make the packaging use LESS of it. Until that time I will be supporting the current weekly system.

Saying that. I work for you, and if you want Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or another system and it what the majority want, then I will do my best to get what you want. (even though personally I might not be convinced other than weekly is better).

I think when this discussion does indeed take place its going to one not to miss.

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