All Change for Cornwall Council’s Directors

You would have to had lived on Mars to not know the Council is facing a huge pressure on its budget. £196m is a real game changer, and by 2018 the Council you currently know will change.

The first change is to the Corporate Leadership and Directors. This means that the number of corporate directors (including the role of assistant chief executive) will be reduced from six to three.

Detailed role profiles are under development and will be a matter for formal consultation, but the broad areas of accountability for the three corporate director roles are:

Economy and the environment
Localism, business management, organisational development, community safety and protection
Education, social care and health

The new structure has been discussed with and is supported by the Cabinet. The new CEO has acted swiftly and I fully support this.

Once the appointments to the new roles are made, there will be a review of the shape and structure of services within the new directorates. This will be done in consultation with employees and their representatives.

This is the first step in a process of moving to a new shape of organisation that will be able to deliver services with less money.

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