All Change at the top of Cornwall Council

Since the new CEO has joined, there has been a rather large change in the Corporate Leadership Team with the CEO reducing his leadership team (ie Directors) from six to three. This process has taken a few months to complete and was finally decided with a series of interviews for the positions. The interview panels were undertaken by Councillors drawn from across the political parties and groups of the Council. 

The three new Directors are from left to right are:

Paul Masters who is the Corporate Director for Community Development and Organisational Support; Trevor Doughty – Corporate Director for Education, Care and Health and Michael Crich – Corporate Director of Economy, Enterprise & Environment. They will take up their official post from the 8th April



I would like to offer my congratulations to the successful candidates and will look forward to working with them over the coming months in what will be a challenging time financially.

One comment

  • Ken Rickard

    Some reshuffle, anyway it is a start, although I have my doubts. Now for the middle management sort out and the introduction of democracy, integrity, and working for the benefit of Cornwall’s people by genuine control of it’s finances, preservation of it’s image, and more importantly consideration of the well being of it’s people and the environment. Every effort should be made to prevent the sale or further destruction of our once unique county’s image by restricting further construction of any form of enforced development by dancing to the government’s tune enforced by multinational companies and their drive for vast profits at all cost.
    Ken Rickard

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