A Technical Briefing

On Monday a Technical Briefing was arranged about the Isle of Scilly Sea Link. I was told this “briefing” was not confidential and open to anyone. Not sure if anyone was informed or invited that was not on the Strategic Planning Committee or a Cllr of the Council.

Anyway I asked a simple question about is this simply the Irish Question (a reference to the Lisbon Treaty). I was told NO, not at all. The briefing started with some of the finer points of the HRO (harbour revision order) and other bits and bobs on the plan.

I have to tell you at this stage (after about 45 mins) I decided to leave because I (and this is my personal view) felt that certain information was being highlighted. I am not saying anyone did anything wrong or was trying a guide someone down a certain path, but I decided to leave. A senior Lawyer was present, so no one was on any misunderstanding as to the nature of this Briefing. He did at one stage warn a Cllr this was not a place to debate anything. The Cllr promptly shut-up.

Maybe if someone other people were invited or told about it that were not Members, then I am sure I would have stayed longer.

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