A Royal Wedding, A Street Party and How Many Forms?

A Royal Wedding for some means a street party. I remember as a boy the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana especially the street party that I attended. It does not matter if you believe in the Monarchy, your a Repulican or you cannot wait till the Nephilim revisit and show us the errors of our ways. This could mean you would still enjoy a street party.

I have been contacted by a couple of residents who wish to hold a street party for this up and coming wedding. They have after making initial inquiries been told that they would have to fill in a plethora of forms, have an insurance policy that Lloyds of London would be proud of, and make sure no fly is or would be hurt if a party happened.

I know the Council can be and has been a little over-zealous on events, but I thought I would get the official line from those in the know. I am very grateful to the officer who answered so promptly. Here is the official line on this issue.

“The Council supports local events and has put in place some practices to help reduce red tape.  Wherever the road or footway will be restricted for a street party a road closure will need to be applied for – this enables coordination of utility works etc and will ensure that road space is reserved for the event (together with permitting the road to be legally restricted).  All applications for road closures must be made via the Streetworks Section on 0300 1234 222 or streetworks@cornwall.gov.uk

Each site will be risk assessed, then categorised as a high or low risk site.  Event organisers will be encouraged to use low risk sites eg. No through roads and cul-de-sacs. For these sites there is no requirement to hold event specific insurance or produce a traffic management plan (or similar).  Thus, from the organiser’s perspective, for these events
they will only need to contact us and complete a simple form.

Use of high risk sites will be discouraged (where possible).  Use of these sites may require risk assessments, insurance, traffic management plans and formal traffic management measures (signing, diversion routes etc).  Advice on individual sites can be sort via the number/email address above (Mrs Adrienne Reed being our key events person).

We are not imposing any fees for Council costs in processing/approving applications”.

I hope that clears up any issue or concern people may have had if they were thinking of holding such event

(Hope that helps Darren)


  • Anonymous

    "pointless having a street party in my road, more empty houses and holiday lets than residents!"

  • Anonymous

    i can lay my next months mortgage that i will be working, so shant be bothering the council at all thank you very much

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like we're no further forward then. It's a shame you couldn't talk some sense into them.
    Needing to produce a lengthy risk assessment, written Police authorisation, traffic management plan & fork out about £80 for Public Liability Insurance will put people off applying for permission to have a street party. (Applications have to be submitted 8 weeks before the event too which gives a deadline of next week.) It wouldn't surprise me if the Council's lack of common sense when compiling their application forms will push people into doing their own thing, without permission. It’s a shame the Council have become Fun Sponges.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose we really should ask the EU if we can hold anything as they now run this country.

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