A Public Meeting on the Stadium

Yesterday afternoon and early evening I attended a site and public meeting along with 10 of my fellow Cornwall Councillors from the Strategic Planning Committee. The public meeting was the official chance for the public to have their say on the proposal for a sports stadium at Threemilestone.

Artist Impression of the Stadium

This planning application will be heard on the 17th November.  The application will be for outline permission, and will need if passed, a further application for it to be built. Outline establishes the principle of planning taking place. The plan is for a 10,000 seat stadium and a 120 bed hotel on a site near the current park and ride site.

88 people attended this meeting and out of those who attended 24 spoke. The honours were even with 13 supporting this stadium and 11 against. Even those who did not speak you could tell the audience was fairly evenly split because of the clapping when someone spoke in favour or against the stadium.

The mix of the audience was interesting too. About 90% of those present were aged over 50. Only one person under the age of 30 spoke. This is not that usual as from the public meetings I have attended this age group is always dominant. If you look at the make-up of Cornwall Council is it dominated by this age group too.

So, a question is why are those under 50 or even under 30 not that interested in matter that could affect them? Maybe it is just public meetings that fail to inspire people to attend. This could be true as currently over one-thousand letters of support and less than a dozen against have been received so far. Furthermore, a petition has gathered at least 15,000 signatures of support.


  • Anonymous

    Well,lets have a think,could it be that those 30 year olds have jobs to go to,could it be they have wives and children to go home to,who might think that was more important than a public meetingcould it be unlike cllrs they dont get mileage to attend meetings,could it be that 15,000 people have already signed a petition in favour,could it be that 1000+ have already written letters of support.
    Who knows…

  • Anonymous

    I thought that last night's meeting was well organised and well attended.  You ask why there were no young people there. To me a stadium is as much for younger people as it is for us older ones – more so perhaps, because they have their whole lives in front of them, and so I thought some would have turned up and said something.  I think that this is a common complaint now, as young people do not seem to take an interest in very much, or at least doing something for themselves.
    I think that a couple of those who spoke against the Stadium last night rather shot themselves in the foot.  After Mike Varney had explicitly stated that the meeting was about the Stadium application and not that for the Housing, one spent 90% of argument time against the housing, and the other 10% on claiming that Cornwall Council were only interested in getting money from the Government for providing housing, and not interested in the interests of the people.  The second really screwed the chance of success by saying that to him the Council in accepting the fact that the land was being given for the Stadium by the developer, it was of course, a bribe.  Not the way to sway councillors to your way of thinking!

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