A Poem on a Poppy

As we approach the 11th November and the act of Remembrance on Sunday 9th, I came across a poem written by a gentleman named Paul Hunter. He has come up with a thought-provoking poem about the poppy. As an ex-serviceman, it has struck a tune with me.

It is as follows:

I am not a badge of honour,

I am not a racist smear,

I am not a fashion statement to be worn but once a year


I am not glorification of conflict or of war

I am not a paper ornament or a token,

I am more.

I am a loving memory of a father or son,

A mother, a sister or daughter each and every one.


I am paper or enamel,

I am old or shining new,

I am a way of saying thank you,

To every one of you.


I am a single poppy, a reminder to you all,

That courage, faith and honour will stand where heroes fall

poppy picture


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