A Panel of Single Issue

The first meeting of the Single Issue Panel (SIP) which will look into the safeguarding issues that the Ofsted report identified. The Directors, The Deputy and the Portfolio holder of this department were present.

I have to say, Mr No Nonsense and his side kick (another plain speaking Northerner) answered the questions lobbed at them with brutal honesty. This was refreshing. We can all criticise with ease, but I for one thanked them for their honest answers, and the approach they are taking to sort out this ball of chalk we have within Children’s Services. I did also say I knew where all the unused swords are kept just in case they were needed.

I do, with sincere honesty, look forward to working with these two “lads” in the future. I think they are the right ones for this tough, and sometimes thankless, task.

I guess time will tell.

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