A Novel Idea

I got a interesting surprise this morning from the Postman. Along with the normal official Agendas and letters I received a parcel from Amazon. As I signed for it I was scratching my head thinking I don’t recall buying any books recently.

I opened it to find it was a book called The Wind Farm Scam. I then remembered getting an e-mail about this from a protester for some up and coming  planning applications for Wind Farms. I have to say, hats of to the gentleman for this different way of getting his views and points across. Normally I get letters outlining their views. In a lot of instances its the same letter just from different people. I tend to always read them because if someone has made the effort to write to me, at least I should read it.

I will read this book out of interest, and because of the effort this gentleman has made in highlighting his concerns. I may or may not agree with this book, but its certainly a novel way of putting a view/point across.

Maybe others will think of different ways to highlight issues.

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  • Angus Lamond

    I have commented on your response to receiving this valuable reference here, Andrew: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid=161071526559
    It is good to see a Cornwall Council Councillor responding in a receptive, intelligent and thoughtful manner to input and contributions from people concerned to see Cornwall's environment, wildlife and designated AONB landscapes properly looked after whilst simultaneously supporting Cornwall Council's efforts to work up a hopefully sincere strategy for a low carbon dependency economy that also protects and respects Cornwall's most important places.

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