A NO to stadium funding from Cornwall Council’s Leader

A few hours ago, the Leader of Cornwall Council sent all Councillors a letter that he has sent to the partnership behind the Stadium for Cornwall venture.  Honestly, I am surprised it has been sent, as I would have at least expected the Cabinet to discuss this issue at their next meeting. I guess not. Though the Cabinet might have discussed this at one of their ‘informal meetings that is not open to the public, or most Councillors.

However, in the letter, it makes reference to the leaders personal view, but say’s given the full councils vote a few days ago, it would be inappropriate for the Cabinet to ignore that view. Personally, I have no idea where this now leaves the stadium project, but my fear is it will remain on the drawing board as one of those ‘it could have been great‘.

The response on the Pirates Rugby site HERE

Here is the letter:




  • Jake Riding

    Good job it was a no!
    The stadium would of been a waste of valuable money!
    Its more of a WANT than a NEED, I would be so annoyed if it was a yes for the stadium funding, If you are going to get funding for a stadium, fund raise it? Don’t use the councils money of what they need, don’t get me wrong, I am not against the stadium, I’m just against them trying to use the councils money for a want and not a need! 🙂

  • Martine Knight on Facebook

    ‘Gary’ writes a lovely letter! Precis “Sorry mate, not my fault, but let’s hope we can revisit it soon”!!!

  • Jim Kernow


    Prem rugby = min £5 million squad/running cost anually
    Away fans = ave 500 per game, 15 games, ave £200 spend = £1.5 million
    Conference and Concerts = min £1 million

    multiply these by 10 years and include the £20 million build cost and Cornwall Council has just informed the whole of Cornwall and the rest of the Country that we could do without a £95,000,000 boost to our economy over the next 10 years. It could quite easily be alot more than this.

    Well done that man, genius!!

    Jake Riding, I think you’ll find that Cornwall needs and wants that sort of added economic input.

    Obviously there are some councillors that where for this development, pity more didn’t ‘man up’!

  • mark gilmour

    as per usual the people of cornwall can’t see further then the end of their noses!!….another opportunity wasted yet again by small thinking narrow minded people….a stadium would have been a huge asset for the whole of the county…..not just for sport by for big bands and other national and international artists coming down to play in our beautiful county….for people to say its a” waste of valuable money “…….. theres plenty of money available for such funding and other capital projects you just can t use that money for day to day running cost….nymby’s win again….well done to all who supported the stadium….and shame on those who didn’t

  • Tom Osborne

    Another debacle and up to £200,000 waisted on various studies without any end result, “Except for some nice pictures”. Whether your a fan of the stadium or not is it not highly unprofessional to release a statement 48hrs before a major final. Therefore upsetting players and supporters.

    So where do we go from here for sport in Cornwall? No stadium, Carn Brea crumbling, Helston Leisure Centre in desperate need of modernising, Hayle Pool along with Camelford Leisure Centre facing uncertain futures. Some may believe having the torch for a day shows Cornwalls dedication to sport, what a joke!

  • Gill Martin

    I still cannot understand why some councillors voted against investigating a business plan for the stadium. It would be nice if they explained their reasons to the public.
    Public funding has been used for many projects in Cornwall, and maybe not everyone benefits from all the projects. However, as this is a democratic and civilized society that we live in, I strongly believe there should be tolerance of others needs. This includes a community stadium.

  • Disappointed

    What a shame that Cornwall did not want to promote their key sport and bring money into the county during the winter months. It also means no concert venue and a huge loss by not being able to promote the rugby history and sports of Cornwall. Short sighted and so so sad for Cornwall.

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