A nice thought from the Police

Today I picked up my answer phone messages. Apart from the calls who are trying to sell you something I received one from the Police.

This was in response to a car accident I and my son we involved in just over a week ago. Apart from the car looking like it had entered the local bumper car race we both escaped with just a odd bruise.  This was call from a female officer who had just rung up to see how my son was, and hoped he was ok post accident. I was very grateful for this call and showed that the Police do really care. 

Thank you. I am very grateful for this call.


  • Crystal Fox

    Glad you're both ok

  • Anonymous

    Very glad to hear that you are both OK also.

    I had reason to call the police a while back about some misbehaving youths and received a follow up call a few weeks later.

    While on the one hand it was nice to have this one to one service I did think that it was a bit of a waste of money and the officer/civilian (it was not made clear) would probably have been better utilised doing something more proactive.

    I dont mean to be a sourpuss but should our police force really be calling to see how you are, as nice as that is. Money is tight and finite and I am sure that the time taken to make this well meant call (and probably hunders of others) could be better spent elsewhere. the money saved could mean that next time you call the police in an emergency they are there in minutes and not hours because no one is free.

  • Anonymous

    Is it police policy to ring everyone that has been involved in car accidents?,I certainly never recieved a call when I was involved in one,I do hope that the call was not made just because you are a Cllr.

  • Amanda

    I have also had a follow up call. It was a few years ago now.
    However I was not a Cllr so I really don't think that is the reason!

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