A New Resident Association – Porthleven

I am happy to be involved with the formation of a new Residents Association. This time it’s in Porthleven. I am a strong believer that these organisations really work. It shows true community spirit when trying to form an Association and making them a success.
This Association will be called Porthleven Residents Association (Coastline Estates) this will include those present areas that are part of Coastline, or have been connected to Coastline in the past. The streets that are included are Wheal Rose, Matela Close, Gibson Way, Bickford Crescent, Tor Close, Mounts Bay Terrace, Wesley Court, Parc a Maen, Shrubberies Hill, Torleven View and Wellington Terrace. A fair few streets indeed.
This Association is still in the infancy with the formation of the Committee, Constitution and other bits that are needed to make it legal as an Association. The aims are what ever the group and people want it to be. It’s planning to meet every few months to discuss various issues that residents have. It’s not going to solve the world, but it does aim to make some things better using a collective voice.
It will be great if people who wish to take part, or have concerns to come along to the next meeting on the 8th November (Town Council Offices). As the more people who take part the better the chances it will have of being a success. If people are willing to do this, then this association will be the success like the Bulwark Residents Association. They started with nothing and in a few months have come on a long way. All it takes is people to get involved.
It’s easy to moan from the comfort of ones home, but if you feel passionately about improving you area, these Associations are a great place to start.

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