A New Crossing

Anyone travelling on the Helston to Porthleven road near the Fairground Car Park and the Boating Lake could not help but notice a change to this road, because I have had installed a small, but essential pedestrian island. I have always said since being elected that I would put in some sort of crossing, and now I am very happy to say this work has now been completed.

This area is well used by pedestrians because the Boating Lake is located close to a large, free car-park. I am not saying anyone is speeding. However, due to the hill people are either accelerating on the incline or are travelling downhill, often leading to excess speed.

I have said before that I had hoped for a full crossing with lights, but that was not within my budget as this sort of crossing is in the area of £50k. This crossing including all the associated ground works cost £12k. I paid out of my Members Highways Budget £10k and the other £2k was paid by South Kerrier Alliance, and I am very grateful for the support they have given.


  • Anonymous

    I am still having trouble with this – irrespective of whether its needed (I have never had trouble crossing their at all times of the day). But the cost £12K!!

    Think what work you could get done around your home for a fraction of this – I had a new drive (big enough for 4 large cars), a new patio (the width of a biggish house) and a new path to the front door of my last house all done with expensive block paving for about 1/3 of the price of this work – did they see you coming 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the gd work

  • mrsmac

    i think its great, however…and yes, i know there's always 1; i wish it were a "zebra crossing", i travel that road at least twice a day five days a week, and since its been finished have had to break rather sharply several times due to pedestrians just walking out….now it didnt happen as often before the crossing was put there!
    but like i said before i think its great

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if mr/mrs anonymous would be moaning about the cost if a child's life is saved, now that they can cross the road safely,money well spent i think. well done wallis 🙂

  • S Carter

    This is a dangerous bit of road, the new crossing will help. Lets hope the parents will teach they young ones to use it properly. I really wish parents would use the old fashion idea of reigns. Alot of young lives would be saved.

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad a crossing has been put there, but a zebra crossing would have more of an effect on speeding vehicles i believe. At the moment, although there is an island, you still have to dice with speeding traffic.

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