A new Community Forum launched for Helston.

A new forum for Helston has been launched called the Helston Community Forum. The aim is to bring closer together the residents of Helston and those who have an interest in the town, whether it is a specific issues, good news story or a general talking point.  The forum will enable individuals and groups to highlight issues, advertise events and float ideas.


The forum can be found HERE.

If you belong to a charity or community group, you will be able to promote your worthy cause and update people on your latest projects. By using the forum, you might reach a far greater audience than you currently do.

The people behind the idea are Cllr Dave Potter. He was ability supported by Cllr John Martin; and by a development team comprising Rosie from Helston Museum, Rachel from the Town Council and a number of Helston residents.  Other members of the community provided strategic technical advice in the early stages. I was asked to be an early tester of the site.

I think this forum is a great idea, as Helston does not have one focal point, as Helston tends to be a community within its own estate border. This is not a bad thing, but it would be good if Helston has a central focal point. Maybe this is the answer?

Well done to all who made this happen.

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