A Multi Day

Again, I was in attendance at another Scrutiny Committee, but this one was kind of different. This was the first “Call In” By the Corporate Resources Scrutiny Committee on a decision that Cabinet had made on the Policy of Severance.

At the previous Cabinet meeting the plan was to harmonise the former 7 Severance Polices (old Councils). This had met with some resistance from various sections of the Council. In the end the Cabinet decided on a Policy of 1.75 x Multiplier (HR explained how this worked, but unless you are HR Bod it sounded like double dutch spoken underwater).

So, to cut the story short, as there were over 2 hours of chatting on this subject, it was decided to send it back to Cabinet to “re-examine” its decision. This is only a request from the Committee, as the Cabinet can simply decide (maybe foolishly) to go with its original decision.

I did ask the question why a sliding scales could not be implemented (the less well paid get a higher multiplier, whilst those who can afford the villa in a sunnier climate would get less). Again, the HR bod started to talk Double Dutch and I was unsure if he said yes or no.

I then had to dash to another meeting down in good old Camborne. Can’t say much on that one at mo, but I will do at a later date (keep the 12th of November as the key date).

Then it was off to Penzance for my final daylight meeting. As you may have gathered I am Vice-Chair of the Licensing Committee and in this role I was invited to meet the Penzance Pub watch. Considering I had, in the last month, suspended a Premise Licence and removed its DPS (the boss) I was not sure if I would be jumped, trussled up and placed on top of a pyre in lieu of Mr. Guy.

I entered what looked like a packed house, sat down and waited for my turn to speak. I got that chance at the end of the meeting. I won’t bore you on what I said, but it went along the line of “I am Andrew Wallis blah blah blah”. I then asked if they had any questions. Shockingly there were none. I am not sure how to take that, but at least I was allowed to leave and not get that hot feeling on the 5th!

The final meeting of this day was the PACT, How do you explain PACT you may ask. The answer is turn up at your next PACT meeting and find out.

Here ends my multi day.

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