A Motion

Tomorrow, Tuesday 30th March, is going to be a first for me. Nine months after getting elected I will be making my first Motion to Cornwall Council. This Motion is about the live Broadcasting of all formal Committee meetings.

This is something that I strongly believe in. Not everyone is able to attend a Council meeting due to other commitments, but many would like to see how those decision are made that will effect Cornwall. This is one way of allowing those people to see how we do our business. We are, after all, accountable to the Public.

From what I can gather this Motion has, in principle, a lot of support. Not everyone will be in favour, but I hope most Councillors will see the major benefits to this course of action. This Motion is supported by other Political Groups. Andrew Long (MK), Scott Mann and Steve Double (Con) and Jeremy Rowe and Rob Nolan of the LD have all signed up to this Motion. It’s always good when all the Political Groups work together for a common purpose. I just wish there was more of it.

As for the result, I will post this once it has been debated and voted upon.

Here is the (Link) to the Agenda (it’s at Item 13.1).

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