A Motion Passed

I will cut to the chase on this. The motion was passed for Web Casting and live Broadcasting of all formal Council Meetings . That’s good news. It would be easy to take all the credit, but without others helping me, this motion would probably never have got through. It was not just the other Councillors that helped, but the Staff in Democratic Services. They really helped me to get what I wanted into the Legal Council Speak. It was an all round team effort and something I would like to see more of.

From the way the debate went most Councillors were in favour of the Motion and could see if used wisely that this would be a great step forward in giving the Public a better understanding of the Council. Some wanted this first to go through Scrutiny, but I felt as this motion was for full Council to debate and not just passed off to one of the other Committees. This amendment to the original Motion was defeated. Its a credit to the Chairman that she allowed the debate.

Now the working group will meet and get the ball rolling as quick as possible. I shall of course keep you up to date on when it will officially go live. 

Here are some other views on today’s event

Jeremy RoweAlex FolkesGraham Smith (sorry I could not resist this one)

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