A Leak – Food for Thought

Ever had an itch that you just can’t reach? The itch I am talking about is the ‘leak’ of a pink paper containing financial information (click here to read) on an option for the Stadium for Cornwall; and the following hostile message from the Leader of Cornwall Council basically accusing a Councillor of leaking it. My reply to that message took issue with this accusation because he was laying blame on members without a shred of evidence of who did actually leaked it. I mean, how do you really know it was indeed a Councillor who leaked it?

This itch continued but when I was again reading the pink papers something jumped out which made me recheck the information on Graham Smith’s blog. The picture of the page with sensitive information had all the financial information on one page. When in fact the documentation which the E&E Committee and those present at the meeting had this information on TWO pages. Yes that’s right, two pages.

So, what does that mean? Well for a starter this page is different to the committee papers, but I will also thrown in a couple of theories:

1. The leaked paper was a draft document which was not available to back-bench members
2. These were cabinet papers
3. These papers were fakes

I will let all those Miss Marples and Mr Holmes’ out that to draw your own conclusions and to ponder over the weekend. However, this leak smells as fishy as a fishmongers apron.


  • Gill Martin

    This just gets better by the minute, you have just made my day with that post.

  • Ivor Clue

    So will Cllr Robertson be issuing an apology then for throwing the implication out there that a Cllr was responsible for the leak. It is appalling behaviour for someone in his position to make any suggestions such as that with absolutely no proof. An apology would not go amiss either from Cllr Robertson for the remark about “Childish Tweets” there is nothing childish about giving out facts as to the whereabouts of the leader of the council during a meeting, and if Mr Robertson is lacking in a sense of humour then that is his problem.

  • Cllr Andrew Long

    Hoping for an apology from Cllr Robertson would be like waiting for Spurs fans to admit their second favourite team are the Gooners!

    As a ‘backbench’ Cllr I would welcome the Leader having the gumption to issue an apology for accusing us – however as the raw bacon winged creatures are rare I suspect I will remain un-apologisedthingy!!

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