A Knob Ruins it All

A lot of effort has gone into the skate park At Coronation Park, Helston with skate days and other events. This skate park has also been selected to take part in a national project that teaches children how to skate/scooter better by teaching them tricks. Even better, this training is free.

Again, this is down to individuals like Becky and Steve from Grip who give their own time free to help run this fantastic opportunity. I even managed to persuade Cornwall Council to come and repair the ramps and deck; which was planned to happen in the next few months. Sadly, others care little, or have no respect for this place.

You see some idiot(s) decided to ‘tag’ the area. You might say the odd tag on the side of the ramp might give the park a little coolness.  However, there is no coolness when they go and spray not just phallic symbols, but offensive words. These offensive words are of the worst kind, and without spelling it, I will give you a clue of was wrote. It is four letters, starting with C and ending with T. These words and others like them are sprayed across entire ramps.

The vandalism plays straight into the hands of those who think young people will trash anything and have no respect for stuff. I would totally disagree, as whilst we do get idiots who will trash something, 98% won’t. I was down the skate park last night and speaking to the youngsters about what had happened they were all totally gutted this had happened.

Better still,  knew who did it, and told me who did it (alleged suspect at this point). I have passed this name, and description onto the Police who I hope will deal with this harshly. I would like to have restorative justice carried out in cleaning up the place, but the words are so offensive I have asked Cornwall Council to remove the graffiti as soon as possible. No doubt this is going to be expensive due to the extensive covering of the graffiti.

This could also have an knock-on effect on the money ear-marked for the repairs as this might now not be available because it will have to be spent on the clean-up.

I could not put up a lot of the pictures because the words are so offensive.


  • Jules

    Andy, in my experience the vast majority of skaters down at the park will have no time for this sort of idiocy. Hopefully between the people at Grip, the Neighbourhood Policing Team, and the people who use the park responsibly, we'll find out who did this.

  • Anonymous

    The offender should be made to remove it – with his tongue!

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