A kind but anonymous donation to my Movember campaign

This week I received a letter in the post which contained £100 in the envelope. Along with the money there was short typed note inside.


This letter was in the same format as I have received in previous Movember campaigns. I still have no idea who – and very generously – sends me the donations. I am though very grateful to whoever this person is, and would like to say thank you. It is just a shame I cannot do this personally.

If you can support Movember, you can do so via this Link.


  • Phillip

    It could be from someone that wants a favour from you as a Cllr. Nobody gives money like that without expecting a favour in return,

  • Ken

    Have you checked the notes to see if they are forgeries?
    I can’t see anyone giving money to that degree, like Philip says, they will probably ask for a council related favour at a later date by telling you who they are.

  • Rainbow

    Well that’s cynicism at its best. I think I recognise the writing on that envelope and if i’m right, the person concerned will be gutted to say the least if they read your comments.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Rainbow, I agree. It is a shame people think negativity on a generous action. I am really grateful for the donation.

  • Ken

    Oh come on Cllr Wallis, you’re not telling me that you don’t think that 3 or 6 months down the line the person who gave that money will not make themselves known to you it was them, when they hope for a council related favour, or are you naïve ?

  • Rainbow

    ken; the blog post says the letter is in the same format as those received in previous Movember campaigns so the person who sent the money must be waiting a long time to ask for your fictional favour.

  • Ken

    Rainbow, okay so it might be a while, but you say you recognise the writing on the envelope, so chances are one or more other people will as well and they could tell Cllr Wallis who the sender is, you say you know who the sender is so you could tell Cllr Wallis, then the sender could ask for a council related favour. The sender could have been relying on someone recognising it and telling Cllr Wallis who the sender was.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Honestly Ken,

    Can’t you just accept it’s a good deed. I have no idea who sends me the donation and it’s not the first one.

    Or do live in a world were no-one carries out a good deed?

  • Rainbow

    Ken; the sender would have had no idea Cllr Wallis would picture the envelope.
    I feel sorry for the sender reading your comments trying your best to put them under suspicion in peoples minds.

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