A Great Skate Day in Helston

It has been a busy weekend for Helston with the Gorsedh and Harvest Fair taking place on Saturday. On Sunday a Skate Day took place at the skate park in Coronation Park. This is now the fifth year it has taken place. The weather was kind to this event as the rain held off until after the event finished.

This event goes from strength to strength with more and more children wishing to enter. Sadly again, this event was over subscribed. The good news is around 100 children were about to take part in the two different categories of junior school and senior school.

I was only too happy to sponsor this event out of my Community Fund, but the real hard work was carried out by Becky and Steve from Grip Skate Shop. Without their help this event would not be the success it is.

Next weekend is the Helston Street Festival and Carnival. Last year the Bulwark Residents Association took part and won a trophy. They are again entering, and yet again, I will be making a fool of myself dressed in something silly. Which is rumour are true it is going to be the Beast of Bodmin.

One comment

  • Gill Martin

    If you are going to dress as the Beast of Bodmin, better make sure you do not get shot by a Tazer gun then, by some over enthusiastic police officer. Do you actually have to dress up then, to make a fool of yourself !!! We all manage it in Mullion without dressing up.

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