A Good Start to PIP

On Saturday 6th August the first official meeting of PIP (Pride in Porthleven) took place. The plan was to litter pick around the harbour before the annual Lifeboat Day and in and around The Moors playing fields. In 90 minutes of work around 10 kg worth of rubbish was picked up. 10 kg might not seem much, but it is, considering most of the rubbish collected was cans, paper, crisp packets and other lightweight items.

Some of the PIP group. 

An added bonus to the litter pick is people came up to various members of the group saying well done, and asking for further details on how to take part. It was not just local people who approached us, but visitors too. It was nice to hear them commenting on how clean Porthleven looked and it was good to see the community helping to make it look nice. This is a good impression to make, because these visitors will go back and tell others that Porthleven cares about how it looks.

There will be another PIP event in early September and the plan is to do other parts of Porthleven. If you fancy taking part, or suggesting areas that needs to be cleaned drop me or Demelza an email, and I will put you on a mailing list for future events.

A special thanks should go to those who helped, as without them, this would not work.

Contact details are:
Group Email: PrideinPorthleven@gmail.com
Phone: Andrew Wallis – 07530243928 or Demelza Storbeck – 01326 574270


  • Anonymous

    This is great, I used your initiative as an example at the first meeting last week of a newly formed regeneration group in Polperro.

  • Gill Martin

    Well done to all of you. (I am fed up following vehicles where the occupants throw rubbish out of the car windows on the main roads.)

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to know how you set this up, a lot of areas could do with a similar scheme

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on this scheme.

    Can't help feeling though that it's another example of something that happens in Porthleven despite the town council rather than because of it. The food festival, Lifeboat day, this scheme, the new shops this year, the Faces of Porthleven book etc. The one thing that the TC has control over is the park. Yet the park is so disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    Thousands of pounds in grants have been given by the town council to the food festival ,the Food festival wouldnt even exist if it hadnt been for the support of the town council at the start,believe me as someone who is involved with the event,we are fully aware and greatfull for the help of the council,I dont always agree with them but lets give credit where its due,likewise why would you expect a council to be involved heavily in lifeboat day,it like the faces book were charity events,I dont have children but I would have thought the park facilities were fine,from the paper reports a lot of money has been spent on it over the years,shame the users dont respect it.Perhaps the same amount of money could be spent on the Towns older residents,

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