A Glossary of Acronyms For One Committee

The use of acronyms (or initialism) is one area Local Authorities and other public sectors really excel at, and would no doubt win many awards for the sheer number they come up with. This plague really took hold in the latter half of the twentieth century as before the 1950’s they were rarely used.

Today I was sent a glossary of acronyms that are used in the Children’s Schools and Families Committee. The sheer number is enough to give me a headache. I do hope there won’t be a test.

A&E ​Accident and Emergency

ASM​ Additional Support Manager

AWP ​Area Wide Prospectus

B&A ​Behaviour and Attendance

BAME ​Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic

BSF ​Building Schools for the Future

BSO ​Business Support Officer

CA ​Core Assessment

CAF ​Common Assessment Framework

CAMHS ​Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

CAPH ​Cornwall Association of Primary Headteachers

CASH ​Cornwall Association of Secondary Headteachers

CC ​Cornwall Council

CiC ​Children in Care

CiCESS ​Children in Care Education Support Service

CL​ Care Leavers

CLG ​Children’s Leadership Group (multi agency leadership group)

CLL ​Communication, Language and Literacy

CPD ​Continual Professional Development

CP ​Child Protection

CPS ​Child Protection System

CQC ​Care Quality Commission

CRB ​Criminal Records Bureau

CSC​ Children’s Social Care (now known as Complex and Acute)

CSF ​Children, Schools and Families

CSWS ​Community Social Workers/Children’s Social Work Service

CVA ​Contextual Value Added

CYP ​Children and young people

DAAT ​Drug and Alcohol Action Team

DfE ​Department for Education

DLT ​Directorate Leadership Team

EAL ​English as an Additional Language

EDRMS ​Electronic Document Record Management System also
​Education Recording Management System

EHE ​Elective Home Education

EMS ​Education Management System

EYQISP ​Early Years Quality Improvement Support Programme

EWO​ Education Welfare Officer

FIS ​Family Information Service

FWi​ Framework i (data base)

GCSE ​General Certificate of Secondary Education

GRT ​Gypsy, Roma Traveller

HOS ​Head of Service

HR​ Human Resources

IA​ Initial Assessment

IAG ​Information, Advice and Guidance

IB​ Improvement Board

ICPC ​Initial Child Protection Conference

ICT ​Information and Communication Technology

IDP ​Inclusion Development Programme

IYSS​ Integrated Youth Support Services

KS​ Key Stage

LAC ​Looked After Children – These are children who are looked after by the Local Authority either in foster care, under care orders or in residential facilities.

LAC/CL ​Looked After Children and Care Leavers

LMS​ Local Management of Schools​

LSCB ​Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

NCSL ​National College of School Leadership

NEET ​Not in Employment, Education or Training

NI ​National Indicator

NYA​ National Youth Agency

OFSTED ​Office of Standards in Education

PASS ​Pupil Attitudes to Self and School

PDR ​Performance Development Review

PDS​ Performance Development System

PEP​ Personal Education Plan

PSED ​Personal, Social and Emotional Development

PWP​ Placement with Parents

QAAG​(LSCB) – Quality Assurance and Audit Group – audits and scrutinises mutli-agency practice and collaborative working in ensuring that children and young people within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are cared for within secure and stable home and community placements.

QAPM ​Quality Assurance and Performance Management

S47​ Child Protection Enquiry (under s47 of children Act 1989)

SD​ Strategy Discussion (where a multi-agency decision is made to undertake CP enquiries)

SEF​ Self Evaluation Form

SEND ​Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SIP​ School Improvement Partner

SMT​ Senior Management Team

SP​ Strategic Priority

SRU​ Single Referral Unit

SSS ​Short Stay School

SSU​ Safeguarding Standards Unit

TAC​ Team Around the Child

TDA ​Teacher Development Agency

TYS ​Targeted Youth Support

VCS​ Voluntary and Community Sector

YOS​ Youth Offending Service

YPLA​ Young Peoples Learning Agency


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