A further Cornwall Council statement on Alex Folkes

Cornwall Council has released a further statement in reference to Alex Folkes it is as follows:

The Council has an overriding responsibility to safeguard the welfare of children and young people in Cornwall.  After receiving the initial information raising serious child protection concerns relating to Councillor Folkes on 16 October, we launched an immediate investigation into the circumstances.  As part of the investigation we were given information by the police which was assessed by the Local Authority’s Designated Officer (LADO) as part of the Council’s formal safeguarding process.  Based on the information supplied by the police at this stage, the LADO process concluded that Councillor Folkes represented a ‘serious and enduring risk to children.’  This decision was later confirmed by additional information supplied by the police. This led to the Director for Education, Health and Social Care writing to schools and children’s settings in the Launceston area.

We took legal advice on all aspects of this matter in order to make certain that the process was conducted fairly and properly and in the interests of ensuring the maximum safety of children in Cornwall.  We are confident that the investigation, which was aided by the police, has been dealt with appropriately and all proportional steps have been taken to ensure children in Cornwall are protected to the maximum possible degree.

The Council also took legal advice on when it could share details of the evidence which had been provided to the LADO with Councillor Folkes and provided him with the information as soon as it was legally able to do so.

An internal investigation is currently underway into the way the matter was dealt with in 2009.


  • Gill Martin

    I think all councillors, Cornwall and town and parish, should have DBS checks when they are elected, and again, every time they are re elected. I believe councillors have privileged positions in the community, and as such, one expects to be able to trust them in every respect.

  • Fred

    As a cabinet member Cllr Wallis you along with the council administration are all responsible for letting it this happen. The council didn’t do there duty, no good blaming it on the last council it’s up to you to check personally you’re the children’s worker.

  • Gill Martin

    Whilst you are obviously entitled to your opinion Fred, I think you are wrong to say that Councillor Andrew Wallis is personally responsible for checking any councillors criminal records, this I believe is the responsibility of employed council officers.

  • I know very little about Alex Folkes,
    but I do know something about Natural Justice,
    and how often it is blatantly denied by government officers.

    It seems to me
    that Cornwall County’s action regarding Alex Folkes
    only makes sense
    if powerfully accurate information exists
    connecting Mr Folkes with known actions
    ( if not proven at law ).

    As police in 2006
    1. found nothing incriminating on his electronics, and
    2. his credit card HAD been hacked, leading
    3. to no charges being laid against Mr Folkes,
    it seems to me
    that Cornwall Council are acting as judge, jury, and executioner.

    Smears of any kind are disgusting and unpleasant
    ( although common, with so-called ‘leaks’ by authority ),
    but smears involving children
    are almost impossible to overcome.

    It is for this reason
    that security services always have access to children,
    because anyone photographed with children
    is easy to blackmail.

    Numerous accounts of this exist on the internet,
    but authority blocks investigations –
    as it is doing currently
    with the Westminster paedophile allegations,
    which may well include murder as well as rapes.

    With the current atmosphere of a witch-hunt,
    with only conveniently-dead DJs,
    and nearly dead celebrities
    to accuse of sex-crimes against children,
    one notices an amazing absence
    of any of the current crop of VIPs
    on the police radar for investigation.

    The Butler-Schloss / Woolf fiasco,
    where ‘safe pairs of hands’ were found untenable,
    underlines the cover-up mentality.

    As far as Mr Folkes is concerned,
    if there IS solid concrete evidence
    that he has been involved in crimes involving children,
    then while Cornwall County are to be applauded
    for their signal execution of duty,
    one cannot help wondering
    why plod were not smashing his door down with a battering ram
    at 4 in the morning.

    If no concrete evidence exists,
    then there are 2 other possibilities –
    either evidence exists,
    but insufficient to warrant a battering-ram fishing expedition,
    or no evidence exists,
    barring the use of credit card details,
    on which it has already been agreed
    they had been hacked.

    As plod love battering doors down at the least excuse
    ( even the Gestapo knocked ),
    presumably the latter is most likely.

    If it is true
    that Mr Folkes has been exposed in this way,
    based solely on a credit card hack,
    and nothing else,
    then what has happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?

    Far from ‘protecting children’,
    this attack on Mr Folkes
    takes people’s eyes off the ball.

    I am aware of sex-crimes by people in authority
    being covered-up by police in Plymouth,
    and am vaguely aware
    of similar allegations regarding Cornish children’s homes.

    How many Cornwall Council employees
    have allegations of child abuse made against them,
    I wonder?

    Some honest transparency from Cornwall Council
    would be helpful –
    and without obstruction, obfuscation, or delay.


  • Fred

    I think Zen and Gill Martin are the same person as Gills middle name begins with Z.
    Nothing alters that the council should of been responsible for checking the criminal records of there cllrs. If Cllr Folkes has something on his criminal record check raising a problem then it doesn’t matter whether hes guilty or not of anything, I dont think the council are obliged to keep him on as a Cllr. An employer can pick and choose who they have whether or not anyone was proven guilty of anything and if the council have concerns then better to be safe than sorry.

  • Gill Zella Martin

    Fred, personally I find your comment insulting. I only ever post under my own name, and always include my surname (unlike yourself) I never post under a pseudonym.

  • Fred

    I think you’ve posted on here under anonymous in the past Gill to criticise Cllr Wallis.
    I think the council did right to get rid of Alex Folkes, I don’t think fraudsters clone bank cards of people that don’t have much money and he didn’t pay his council tax several times so he couldn’t have had much money.

  • I am neither a supporter or opponent of Alex Folkes.

    I just know
    that he is going to have his assumptions of what life is,
    battered, beaten, raped, and ravaged.

    Having had that happen to me,
    at the hands of government,
    I come to offer information from my experience,
    as my viewpoint is an unusual one,
    having been government-free since 2005.

    I am Zen,
    having had my previous name systematically trashed
    by the system,
    for daring to expose criminal offences by government officers.

    Life can be very challenging,
    and the range of challenges human beings are subject to,
    varies greatly.

    My understanding is
    that we each face challenges
    relevant to our spiritual development.

    I observe a fundamental law in action;
    The Law of Karma,
    or “What you put out, comes back!”

    For example,
    I was ‘burnt’ in a particularly nasty way
    by a police barrister,
    who some years later burnt to death
    in most unusual circumstances,
    without crime scene, or proper autopsy or police investigation,
    and 2 inquests.

    The whole of my I-dentity
    was stripped from me layer by layer,
    and everything I thought I believed
    about The Rule of Law,
    and our ‘wonderful’ system of democracy and justice,
    was shown to be worthless.

    For this reason,
    having had my business destroyed,
    and been socially destroyed and criminalised,
    and later discovering that police had blackmailed my father,
    in order to create circumstances for criminalisation,
    I first renamed myself,,
    and in 2005,
    I divorced government completely,
    and have not signed government forms ever since.

    Again, for this reason,
    I recognise what is being directed towards Alex Folkes,
    and suspect he is going to have an interesting learning curve,
    as I did.

    There is no manual available
    to show you what to do
    when you encounter
    the more evil aspects of government, law, and power.

    When you are targeted,
    people tend to distance themselves,
    so it can be a very lonely existence.

    In my case,
    I later had support from 3 senior councillors
    at town mayor, district, and county level,
    and having caught a planning department redhanded
    falsifying planning committee minutes,
    reversing committee decisions by deceit,
    and conspiracy to conceal the same,
    one would have thought
    justice would be honourably done.

    every trick in the book was used by council officers,
    with delays, lies, perjury, threats, arrests, searches, etc,
    and when I publicly broke a lying solicitor
    with just 3 words –
    Special Branch were brought in.

    The council could not be put in a position
    where it might be forced to admit
    that ALL of it’s top officers and councillors
    were involved in a criminal conspiracy.

    Hence the blackmail of my father
    ( which meant we never spoke again ).

    Let me give an example.

    Allegations were discussed by an Emergency Committee,
    which was unknown to Press and public,
    met in secret with no minutes,
    and 3 out of 3 members
    were officers I was accusing of serious criminal offences.

    They even had an outside solicitor look at it,
    and when he recommended
    that my planning permission be restored
    ( 7 acre alternative ecological garden centre ),
    they rejected it,
    saying in a police witness statement
    “No realistic solution was forthcoming”.

    After I was destroyed,
    the planning officer orchestrated a revenge attack
    upon the district councillor supporting me,
    who had sworn an affidavit I drafted.

    He revoked planning permission for the councillor’s home,
    and put a bulldozer through it.

    He died within a few years,
    as the council tried to pay no compensation,
    and his family were smeared so much,
    his widow left the area of her birth.

    This happened in Cornwall.

    All of the evidence is on public view,
    and easily proven,
    but authority has no interest in ‘justice’,
    and I have no way of reaching a court.

    So I teach other people
    how to deal with bad energy coming from government.

    I think deeply about what I observe.

    Put simply,
    our country is choking to death
    within an ever-increasing number of psychic bars,
    so there is less and less room
    for people to move about.

    Living in a tighter and tighter prison,
    this means an awful lot of casualties.

    For example,
    have you noticed
    how an increasing number of parents
    are killing their children,
    rather than let councils get their hands on them?

    Of course,
    if you only see events
    in the way the MSM portray them,
    you may not notice.

    It is only when you DO notice something,
    and then begin seeing patterns,
    that the TV brainwashing begins to weaken.

    I believe in good government, good law, and good police;
    we have none of these.

    My family have been involved in government for centuries,
    and I remember a Cornish cousin,
    now long dead,
    telling me about how he chaired the bench in Penzance.

    A case had come up,
    which was so obviously trivial and ridiculous,
    my cousin summoned the local Inspector to the court immediately,
    and told him in no uncertain terms
    not to waste the time of the bench.

    That kind of person,
    no longer exists.

    The system is run by ciphers –
    people with severely limited personal power and authority,
    whose ONLY power
    comes from their official position.

    For this reason,
    the criminally dishonest, the incompetent, and the inefficient,
    within councils, police, justice, NHS, etc,
    know they will almost certainly get away with
    almost anything,
    1. whistleblowers are rare ( are attacked ), and
    2, cover-ups come as standard.

    This is the true reason
    which our society is like chewing gum in carpet.

    🙂 Zen Standfast4Truth

  • Gill Zella Martin

    ‘Fred’ I do not know what your agenda is, but I never post anonymously nor would I ever criticise Councillor Andrew Wallis, I think he is an excellent councillor.

  • Fred

    I think Zems post sounds like a fiction book. Even if it’s all true, just because that’s what she experienced doesn’t mean lifes like that for everyone. Her post is longer than you blog.

  • Fred

    I think you do post on here anonymously Gill, you say Cllr Wallis is an excellent cllr well you would say that under your own name but you say different on here anonymously. And Alex Folkes is nothing like Zens experiences he was a Cllr and should be responsible yet he didn’t even pay his council tax 3 times so how can the council trust him. The council have to be careful with there childrens policies they shouldn’t take risks. If he has nothing to hide then it will all come out in the independent investigation, but look what came out in the investigation of his council tax he didnt pay and then denied, perhaps Zen didn’t know about that.

  • Fred

    I think Cllr Wallis must agree you post critical remarks about him on here anonymously because he’s posted my comment Gill. The independent enquiry about Cllr Folkes might shed some light on the councils procedures, that would be good if they get rid of Andrew Kerr who is costing the council a fortune.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Dear Fred,

    I do not agree with you on the matter of Gill posting anon. From my experience from comments online and via email, Gill has always contacted me using her name and email address. I have no reason to believe she has every posted using another name.

  • To err is human,
    yet we live in a world full of witch-hunts,
    where appearances matter more than substance.

    I prefer those that make errors and openly admit them,
    and learn from the process,
    to those that conceal them behind closed doors,
    while outwardly pretending to be above board,
    and sitting in judgement of others,
    who not only learn nothing,
    but lecture others on how to live,
    while drawing large salaries taxed from The People.

    An old man once said to me
    “it is not what you do,
    but what you be,
    that matters!”

    Wise words.

    We are being ruled by a class of people
    who have wrecked the economy of this country,
    leaving it vulnerable to attack and takeover.

    Two thirds of prime commercial space in the UK
    has foreign owners.

    Cornwall has a weak agriculture and fisheries,
    commercial property is far too expensive,
    business rates are an arm and a leg,
    and ordinary people –
    who are the backbone of any real community –
    are priced out of the market.

    The system looks after the system –
    everyone else has to fight for crumbs.

    The big supermarkets rape every town,
    stripping a wide swathe of cash,
    leaving very little to circulate locally.

    Houses have gardens like postage stamps,
    so that houseowners are totally dependent on supermarkets.

    Town centres have been killed
    by a combination of councils and supermarkets.

    Cornwall once had a distinct character,
    but councils have built mediocre buildings everywhere,
    which have no local connection to the landscape.

    Cornwall had a fresh energy,
    stemming from the St Michael & St Mary lines,
    and running up the spine of the county.

    Instead of building on what makes Cornwall unique,
    it has tried to compete with Milton Keynes and Manchester –
    with mediocre results.

    No wonder unemployment, addictions, and mental illness
    is rampant in Cornish towns.

    The system has destroyed FUN.

    It makes everything a nightmare,
    and then wonders
    why things are falling apart.

    Of course,
    the professional controlling classes rake it in,
    whether things are good or bad.

    Things can only get worse,
    as globalisation accelerates,
    and the UK’s products become less and less competitive.

    A wise system would have prepared for this –
    instead they have mortgaged their grandchildren’s futures
    with debts beyond anyone’s capacity to repay,
    which has been wasted on ego trip projects and wars
    which have not benefited this country one bit,
    and will cost billions
    as this country is hit by terror of a type we have never seen,~
    but which is common in the Middle-East.

    🙂 Zen

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