A Full House

Special Cabinet meeting today over at the Ivory Towers. Two Major items on this. The Route Partnership Link to the Scillies and Penzance and the 2010-11 Budget. Both important issues and a packed house of Councillors.

Today was a first for me as well as I decided to Tweet the major points during the discussion. A sort of at the scene Twitter Reporter. I believe it was successful in keeping those who were unable to make the meeting informed of what was going on. Here is a link of the running tweets by me and some of the Twitter Gang. (Tweet Link)

I believe it was a good debate (I did not speak due my position on Strategic Planning). The Leader Alex Robinson (aka The King) allowed all those who wished to make a point to do so. Even members of the Public were invited to speak (as long as their questions were sent in beforehand). 

I felt it the debate was good for Democracy. A few personal and political comments were made, but over all the debate was well run and their were plenty of good questions and answers. A motion was made and voted on. All the Cabinet we unanimous in their decision to back Option A with the fall back option of Falmouth. The plan for Option C was noted, but it was not going to be pursued in any form.

What will happen now is that there will be a new application for Option A. This will go through the correct channels and will most probably end up with the Strategic Planning Committee to make the final decision.

I guess now those in favour or against will be meeting soon to make plans for the up and coming battle. Penzance could have its own little Civil War with the various factions fighting it out to the end to defend their view points. I have the feeling my in-box is suddenly going to get a lot of e-mails with Penzance in the title.

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