A dirty business

They say politics is a dirty business. This week was certainly interesting for me and proved to me it can be. I have always taken my Independent badge very seriously. I could never be accused of flying under a different flag.

I may be part of the Independent Group, but I have always made it clear I will vote the way I feel and best for those I represent. After all the Group is not a political party. On Wednesday I had a meeting, I was invited to it, two others were also present. One of those present had nothing to do with what came later. In fact they seems a little shocked when it did happen.

As to what happened. I was in no uncertain terms threatened with being removed from all my Committees if I did something and voted in a certain way. I was shocked. The words they used were I could remove you from the Committee before you could do something. It was made as clear as day that this could happen. I told them the reasons why and that I had raised this issue several times before, but nothing seemed to get done about it.

I never rise to threats, and I told him in no uncertain terms that this course of action would be a very bad move. I will not be pressurised or made to do something I do not agree with.

I left the meeting. As I walked out I realised I had somehow pushed a button on my phone that said record. I should be more careful in future when placing my phone in my pocket.


  • Craig

    This wouldn't be an Independent councillor who has recently been taken to task by the Standards Board, would it? Well done, Andrew – bullies need to be faced down and exposed.

  • Anonymous

    The make up of committees reflects the make up of the council,so that each one reflects the overall balance.
    I imagine therefore your name was put forward by the indy group,it follows therefore they can put someone else up for it rather than you,cant really see what you have a problem with,you it seems want the advantages of belonging to the group but not the responsibilities,if you have a problem with the indy group resign from it.
    At the end of the day ,its just a local council.

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