A Dead Car

I was looking forward to this weekend as for once it was going to be a quiet one. Nothing really planned. It was going to make a nice change from running around.

So far so good. That’s until about 7:30 last night (Friday) when my car was hit. My car was not the only car to be hit. At least another two others had the same treatment. Now accidents happen. I can deal with that. It’s part of life. This accident could have been avoided. Why, well the person should not have got into the car. Why, well the police were called and the driver was breathalysed. I am sad to say that they did not pass this. On failure they were arrested.

4 cars in total have been wiped out. I had the hassle of going though the insurance last night and most of this morning is something I could have done without. The insurance company have been great. A replacement car is being sorted. They have waved my excess (so I get all the money). So it seems at this stage I am not out of pocket. I might change my tune after they offer me the settlement. Insurance Companies are not well known for giving out decent payments.

Thankfully no one was injured. Its all material damage. We can only thank who ever might be watching up there for that. Its just a hassle to sort everything out when the person who caused this could have just walked home or even got a cab. I guess if they go to court they will have to now.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my former car. RIP Mr Mondeo.


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