A Cornish EMA and University Bursary?

Yesterday I blogged about the possibility of a Cornish EMA being part funded by Cornwall Council. Today, another announcement was made by the Leader of Cornwall Council during the awards ceremony for the Citizenship for Life programme.

This was huge, as the Leader said Cornwall Council could fund bursaries for Cornish students wishing to go to university. Now details are a little sketchy as the Leader did not say if you had to go to university in Cornwall or it would apply to any university.  However, this could be huge, and be a real chance for many to be able to afford to attend university. Especially for those from the less well off families.

In Cornwall we have an higher than national average exam pass rate, the downside is we have a below average take-up of people going onto university. One of the possible causes is the historic low pay in Cornwall. This leaves many families unable to afford to send and support their children thought university. Or students rack up massive debts whilst studying.

This if funded right could be a great program. The issue is how will it be funded? Through development? Tax? Setting up any form of bursary is not going to be cheap. It will need to be funded properly if it is to work. I just worry how it will be funded as everyone knows Government has cut grants to Councils; which has in turn resulted in Cornwall Council making painful decisions to reduce services.

It is certainly going to be interesting to hear how it is going to be funded, especially as the yearly budgetary discussions are fast approaching. Another question is, why haven’t backbenchers been briefed about this? After all, it is claimed there is a coalition in place at Cornwall Council and this proposal also crosses all political grounds.

So a further question is why have I only found out whilst eating my breakfast in a public award ceremony?

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