A Coach Trip

The Waste Development Panel had arranged to go on a site visit to various Waste Transfer Stations, Dumps and old Landfill Sites. We mostly visited the central and eastern areas of Cornwall. We even went to a small Incinerator that’s in Cornwall. I have to say I never knew there was a Incinerator in Cornwall, but today I was standing looking and walking around the site.

I won’t bore you on how the coach trip went, but I have to say it was most informative on the finer points of what to do with waste and the harm that Landfill has for many generations after its filled up and closed down.

Another good point to come out of this trip was the chance to chat with other Cllr’s outside the Ivory Towers. We had some great debates on various subject not just on Cornwall Council. These trips can have a benefit of finding out about the places you visit, but also the people you work with. It was worth being on a coach all day.

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