A Certificate for that special event??

The latest idea from the Registration Service of Cornwall Council is a Certificate to mark that special event like a birth, marriage, civil partnership, naming and renewal of vows.

Its an interesting concept, and one that I am not sure will really work. Maybe that’s because I am not the sort of person who would buy this type of thing. That of course does not mean its wrong, or this will not be taken up by the masses. I guess we will just have to wait and see as to how many people will actually buy one.

Here is the link for all the details and application forms Click Here. The basic price is £10 for one certificate, but you get a discount if you order in bulk. That price is £7 after you have brought the first one.


  • Anonymous

    Ugh, the certificate is very ugly. No would not buy one and would not have bought one for either of the births, my marriage etc.

    However, the registration service (does it still come under the same portfolio holder as the Fire Service?) has always struggled to protect it's funding so can understand why they are coming up with such money making schemes.

    Why can't they produce something that's a bit more aesthetically pleasing though – would be much more likely to sell!

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Hi, Thanks for the comment. I agree, its not that special. What would you be willing to buy. Grateful for any ideas!

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