A Car for Every Season

As the title says, I am not having much luck with cars this year. This weekend car number three was wiped out by another drink driver (or as the Police would say alleged). This is the second car to have met this fate this year alone.

I was fortunate to not have been injured and instead only had to endure the massive inconcenience that is dealing with insruance companies (who I must say have been efficient), the police, recovery companies, vehicle hire company and so forth. I think I was dreaming of, “to hear the menu again press the hash key” in my sleep last night, coupled of course with a mix of Vivaldi for good measure.

Nevertheless, it unfortuntely does bring the serious issue of drinking and driving to the forefront again. We are approaching the time of year when the police messages and advertisments will be common viewing, often needing to be more ‘hard hitting’ than the previous one. I am not going to write a lengthy blog about the dangers of drinking and driving because we all know them, and there is the point. Why then in the space of a few months have I had two motoring incidents involving drivers over the limit? Is it that people are still not getting the message, or have I merely been very unlucky?


  • mrs mac

    sorry to hear of your bad luck andrew. and to answer your question, even though i think it was rhetorical. i think people think they can get away with it, "it'll never happen to me" brigade.

    i wish that this country were more like scandinavia with ZERO tolerance towards drink drivers. i would personally shop my own granny if i thought she were over the limit.

    as for how we stop it? god knows

  • Anonymous

    "Drink drivers should be banned for life!"

  • Anonymous

    You need to buy an armoured car.. hope you have more luck next time.

  • www.venetianmasquerademasks.co.uk

    Oh dear your not having much luck with your cars, maybe you should buy a bicycle!

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