The end of Movember 2013 (or is it)

Movember has now finished with the passing of November and we enter December. Like years before, it is time to ‘judge’ my attempt of growing a tache with this! Faint-hearted or those easily frightened please do not proceed any further.


The tache for 2013!

I have to say (of course I would) this years attempt is my best yet. It is also a year of firsts, as I had my first foray into using moustache wax and ‘styling’ the darn thing! Believe me you enter a whole different world with moustache wax.

Now we are in December, I should by all accounts shave the tache off. However, and like previous years, one actually grows rather fond of the tache for reasons I really cannot explain. So I might break with protocol and keep the tache!

Fear not – or I should say fear – I am growing a beard in December for Decembeard.  However, this is because I really want to try at having some decent handle-bars for my moustache.  After all, I do have loads of wax to use.


Decembeard anyone?

Finally, a huge thank you to all who sponsored me, supported me, or laughed at me. Either way it got people talking and helped raised the important issue of men’s health.

Cornwall Council’s Mo-Bros in aid of Movember

Today, on the last working day of  November, a gang of Mo-Bros gathered to compare and smile (if not laugh) at the various styles of taches being sported by staff at Cornwall Council. It was great to see so many men take part this year and the assembled men are just some who have taken part in this years Movember.

And here is the scare-the-kids picture!

Cornwall Council staff take part in Movember

Cornwall Council staff take part in Movember

On Monday, I shall publish my attempt. So you have been warned!

Day 20 of Movember

It is now day 20 of Movember and the tache is coming along very nicely. As someone always willing to take something to the next step,  I have this year brought a pot of  moustache wax. Yes, really, moustache wax. This of course brings a new challenge of how do you actually use the stuff!

Moustache Wax

Moustache Wax

This year I have noticed how many more men are taken part in the campaign, especially at Cornwall Council.  As wandering  between offices there is rarely someone not doing Movember.

With 10 days to go I hope I can achieve my aim of being able to actually twist the end of the tache. Or I might have to force myself to keep it until I can!

If you can, you can still donate to this worth-while campaign by clicking THIS link.

And now for the scary bit, an actual picture of me and my tache!


Day 20

Day 20

A kind but anonymous donation to my Movember campaign

This week I received a letter in the post which contained £100 in the envelope. Along with the money there was short typed note inside.


This letter was in the same format as I have received in previous Movember campaigns. I still have no idea who – and very generously – sends me the donations. I am though very grateful to whoever this person is, and would like to say thank you. It is just a shame I cannot do this personally.

If you can support Movember, you can do so via this Link.

Movember 2013 and my yearly attempt of growing a tache

It is November and that means only one thing – Movember. This is the yearly campaign to help raise awareness of mens health by growing a ‘tache! Or I would say: raising awareness by looking ridiculous. This is my fourth year of participating and each year I try to do a different ‘style.’

This year I am attempting to do a ‘Hercule Poirot.’ Of course and more than likely this will look nothing like the famous Belgium detective’s tache, but it will do in my mind!

It would be great if you could show support by donating to the cause. You can do so by clicking on this link HERE or to the Cornwall Council Taches Team HERE. As the well-known supermarket saying goes – every little helps.

Of course I should also give you fair warning on a series of progress pictures. You might want to brace yourself before you look!



Anonymous Donation to Movember

Today, in the post, amongst the letters and official stuff from Cornwall Council there was a letter containing £100. A simple letter with one sentence. Last year’s Movember I received the same amount, and leading up to the centenary event for Coronation Park and Boating Lake, I received £250.

Same letter format and without any details of the mystery benefactor. On one hand I can understand someone not wishing to be identified, but on the other, I cannot thank them personally. So I will have to thank them this way.

Whoever you are, thank you again for the generosity you have again shown.

Link HERE to my Movember page with £105 so far raised.


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It is that time again; Movember!

Yes folks, Movember is here and for the month of November I will be growing a moustache and in turn I will make myself look even more ridiculous than normal. The aim of Movember is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. More details HERE.

Last year our little team raised just over £430 which was fantastic. The following scary picture is my finished attempt. 

If you can spare a penny or pound you can donate HERE. Even better, why not grow a tache and raise awareness of men’s health.

Movember – One Month On and the End

The fat lady is singing as I have reached the end of Movember and my attempts at growing a ‘tache. As this is the first time I have ever grown a moustache I am rather pleased with it. In fact, I have grown rather attached to it, but not so much I am going to keep it!

I would like to say thank you to everyone (even those who laughed at me every time they saw me) who have supported me and my colleagues during this period. The response has been great. There has been many generous donations to this cause to both me individually and to the team as a whole. So far we have raised around £430, but I hope this could reach £500 with a few last minute donations. If you feel you can donate click this LINK.

Below are a few pictures of a few of the team, my final ‘tache, and its end….

The Team
Me, Jeremy and Alex
Me looking ‘foreign’ 
The End
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