Porthleven Community Group’s Big Lunch a success

The annual Big Lunch organised by Porthleven Community Group took place on Sunday on the Moors playing field. At first, the was concern the weather would not be kind to the organisers, but after a brief shower during the setting up of the event, the weather turned out lovely.

It was good to see so many families turn up and enjoy the afternoon. During the three-hour event, people were entertained by Porthleven’s own signing choir.  Children could bounce their hearts out on the free bouncy castle.

The Mayor of Porthleven, Cllr Barbara Powell shows off her hula-hooping skills (and yes, she was good).

Anyone who attended had the chance decorate a cupcake with help from the owners of the Twisted Current, with over 70 cupcakes being decorated and eagerly devoured. For those who were more energetic, you could learn or brush-up on your Hula-hooping skills.

Also held during the event was the postponed duck race with 100 ducks being launched in to the river to help raise money for the skate park. This raised over £120.

Well done to all who helped make this happen.

The Porthleven Community Group setting up the event.

My decorated cupcake

And they are off. 100 yellow ducks race to the finish line in aid of the skate park projec

Porthleven Community Group organises another succesful Big Lunch

Well done to Porthleven Community Group for organising another successful Big Lunch on Sunday down on The Moors (bottom park to others). This community event had a really good turn out with people bringing a blanket and a picnic and relaxing in the sun with fellow residents.

The group organised a bouncy castle that was free to use, and there was the obligatory game of rounders where adults and children joined in the fun. Those gathered were also treated to Porthleven’s very own Signing Choir. The event was officially opened by Porthleven’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor – Daniel Williams and Barbara Powell. This just added to the good feeling of the event.

Well done to all who came to the event, and well done to the Porthleven Community Group for organising the event.

The Chairman of the Porthleven Community Group, Rob Johns was able to hand over a cheque for £154 to Mark Adair who is one of the committee for the Porthleven Skate Park project. The money was raised during the Porthleven Duck Race

I was also able to hand over the £500 from an anonymous donation to Mark Adair.

Torch-light is the next event the group is organising for the Bank Holiday weekend in August. Details to follow.

Porthleven Community Group 2nd Duck Race

Saturday 19th April saw the annual Porthleven Duck Race return to the waters of Porthleven. This event now in its second year is organised by the Porthleven Community Group. The previous weekend the Porthleven Community Group also organised and supplied the materials for children (and adults) to make their ducks for the race. All this is done for free, with Coastline Housing, Porthleven Town Council and my councillor community fund supporting this group with small grants.

The event opened by the Mayor of Porthleven who was presented with his own duck for the race. It seems it is now ‘tradition’ for the Mayor to be presented his own duck for the race. Slightly different to last years race, a plastic duck race was also held in aid of the Porthleven Band who have supported the group. The Porthleven Community Group vice-chairman, Tim Pryke was again volunteered to enter the water to set the ducks off.

It was good to see children and adults having fun cheering their ducks as they made their way along the river in Porthleven. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is still something fun watching an object you have made float down a watercourse.

Full credit must go to everyone involved in the Porthleven Community Group. This group grows in strength by organising events with the aim to have fun.


The mayor of Porthleven with his duck


The ducks are getting ready for the off!


Tim gets ready to lauch the ducks


And the ducks are off!


The finish line

Porthleven Community Group and the Big Lunch

On Sunday, the Porthleven Community Group organised Porthleven’s own Big Lunch on the Moors. The weather gods were very kind by providing clear blue sky for the entire event. The event was opened by the Mayor of Porthleven and then Porthleven’s own and very unique Signing Choir started the day off. It was a very informal affair with families just relaxing in the sunshine.

Many of the catering business in Porthleven kindly provided food to be shared by the community. The business which donated food are: Amelie’s, Sea Drift, Atlantic Inn, Kota Ki, The Square, Corner Deli and Blue Haze.

Porthleven’s fisherman association lent one of their large gazebos to give a little shade if required. Porthleven Town Council kindly provided a grant to help with the costs like the free face-painting.

Much merriment was had during the many games of rounders, in which both adults and children joined in. All the children who participated each got a medal to remember the day.

Massive credit and a well done should be given to the community group who organised the day. This group is going from strength to strength in what is does. I really enjoy working with them, and it just shows when people get together things can be achieved that are of benefit for all the community.


Porthleven Community Group Holds Successful Coffee Morning

The Porthleven Community Group held a very successful coffee morning on Saturday, 29th September. It was great to see and talk to so many people who attended. The cakes on offer were made by the group, and both the cake and tea were free to everyone. That way no-one feels left out.

For me, when I talked to various people the hot topic was on the proposals for Shrubberies Hill. I am slightly worried on so many rumours that are circling in Porthleven that are not true. I did my best to explain the facts on both sides of the arguments, so people can decide either way if they want to support, or not.

There was some fantastic raffle prizes kindly donated by the businesses of Porthleven, and this raised £64! So well done. In fact well done to all of the group who gave up their time to bake, help out etc. And to all who turned up making it a very successful morning.

The groups Facebook page is HERE  for more details on their activities.

The large selection of cakes!

Group members and coffee morning guests

Porthleven Community Group’s Coffee Morning

The Porthleven Community Group held its first coffee morning on Saturday at the Public Hall. The aim of this coffee morning was to bring people together to chat, and swap ideas over a piece of cake and hot drink. All this was free, with all the cakes ( I had to try them all n0t wanting to upset anyone!) having been made by the group.

From what I saw, the coffee morning was a great success with many people exchanging ideas and writing those ideas down. With this information it is hoped to target issues that people feel most strongly about, or would like to see improved. The group knows there is no magic-wand to wave, but understands if you get people together there is more change of succeeding.

So well done to all of the group, and I look forward to the next meeting to discuss the various options that people suggested during the event.

The Home-made Cakes

Porthleven Community Group

Last night I attended the third meeting of the Porthleven Community Group. This group is the reformed Porthleven Residents Association. It was really good to see so many people turn up to take part in this meeting. It is important to note, this group is not about just moaning about various issues, but wanting to help people who have ideas and wish to see them carried out.

Members of Porthleven Community Group

The wish of the group is to be a hub for all groups in Porthleven to be able to come together in one place. Sometimes different groups are all trying to achieve the same thing, but do not know other groups are on the same course. So it was great to see two representatives of the Porthleven Bowling Club at last night meeting.

The group is going though a consultation phase, which I hope will end up with group having three priories it wishes to progress. The group is well aware of not trying to change the world, but trying to do something for the community, that is achievable. The community group recently had a stall at the Porthleven School PTA fete (see picture), and last night those who ran the stall informed the rest of the community group of the great responses it had.

A further event is planned in the form of a coffee morning on Saturday 26th May between 10am and midday. This is part of the process of consultation to see what people want to see happen in Porthleven. The tea, coffee and cake will be free! All you have to do is turn up and give your views, or just chat with others.

The community group has had some success already with the award of a grant from Coastline Housing for £275. I have also agreed to award £200 out of my Community Fund. They plan to use some of this money to get a website up and running which will keep people informed on the groups procress.

I always like working with groups like this because they get involved and give time to make their areas a little better. If you want to get involved you can have a look at their Facebook page HERE and suggest ideas/solutions. Or better, turn up at the meetings.

An Epic 2018 Porthleven Torchlight Procession

This year’s Torchlight Procession was by far the biggest with 1300 – if not more – people taking part. It was staggering to see just how many people took part.

This event is organised by a small band of people (6) which make up the Porthleven Community Group along with helpers from Porthleven TC, Cober Valley Rotary and a few students from Falmouth University who helped out during the event.

The Procession was wonderfully lead by Porthleven’s Town Band.

A sea of torches make their way pass the Institute

To help fund this event, Porthleven TC and Coastline Housing give grants to keep this a cheap as possible for all who are attending.

On torch selling duties

Just before the off, torches are lit

The Procession coming down Cliff Road


Porthleven Cemetery and its current condition

There is a lot of concern and heartache over the state of Porthleven Cemetery, especially around the issue of it being overgrown and the gravesides looking unkept. I share those concerns as this is not good enough.

In response to those concerns, I have written to the Head of Service to highlight how people feel. Yes, many people who are buried there as long dead, but families who are still in the area (or further afield) expect a certain level of dignity for their departed relatives. More so with recently bereaved families.

I have had a response from the Head of Service who has assured me the area will be cut early next week as a priority. I was also informed this area was cut four-weeks ago. Though from looking at the length of grass, this has grown very quickly!

In days gone by, there was someone who maintained this area, but this hasn’t happen for over a decade – if not longer. Cornwall Council has assured me this area is cut three times a year. Yes, that might not be frequent enough and have asked for more cuts to take place, but I have also asked if Cornwall Council would allow community cuts to take place. This is where a group of volunteers help keep this area more tidy. This is not ideal, but might help solve some of the heartache families are feeling.

There was a group called Pride in Porthleven, but this was superseded by the Porthleven Environmental Group. I will be asking this group to see if they will be willing to take on this project.

Ducks take to the water in the annual Porthleven Duck Race

The Porthleven Duck Race now in its 4th year is firmly in the calendar of events that takes place in Porthleven. The aim is to have lots of fun seeing homemade ducks take to the water in both children and adult races and raise a little money for a worthy cause.

It starts a week before the race where people come to the public hall to make their ducks. There is one rule, the duck has to be homemade. The rest is up to a persons imagination and artistic skill.

From construction it is off to the races the following week.

Not only are there prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the children’s and adults races, but for the best dressed duck. The latter is always hard as being Mayor too, you have to pick one out of so many!

As a reward for this, and by tradition, the Mayor gets their own personal duck to race. A highlight in your term of office.

This year’s charity for the event was Cornwall Air Ambulance. The event is free to enter, but people can also buy a little plastic duck for the charity race as well as bid in an auction for a couple of specially made ducks for the event. This year a whopping £220 was raised for the Air Ambulance.

Well done to all who took part. Huge thanks to the Porthleven Community Group for organising this event.

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