50 ways to save money written for a five year old

If it was not bad enough having to deal with the proposed cut in funding from Government, the department which local government comes under has published a condescending document which tells councils how to save money. It is titled 50 ways to save money.  However it is missing one vital point, and could have saved time and money on the other 49 to produce. That simple one is do not waste our money in producing  (point 35) such an insulting document.

I would say all local authorities are working out ways to save money while keeping services going. They do not need documents like this to tell them how. It is like telling an English literary Don how to read a book. From Cornwall Council’s point, it has looked at and implemented, or is looking at least 49 of the 50 points. They only point the council has not looked at as far as I am aware is, points 24, scraping the CEO.

I am sure MAGA will not be pleased to see point 34: stop translating documents into foreign languages: only publish documents in English. Though the DCLG could take a leaf out of its own book with point 35: reduce the number of publications and media monitoring.

Anyway, have a read and see if you can come up with any other points you think should be included. I will sent them to the DCLG for the publications second edition!


  • Well as I blogged about earlier none of the 50 address how to deal with anything important. Seems like Pickles thinks local govt is just admin and offices not schools, firefighters, road workers etc etc.

  • mick martyn

    Totally agree Andrew, i think that Fat Eric should start
    looking closer to home with the millions wasted in Central
    Government, there is a lot that he could learn from what Cornwall
    Council has achieved since 2009.

  • Armorel Carlyon

    The Select Committee on Communities and Local Government held at Westminster on the 12th December, 2012 is in my opinion essential viewing. There were 5 members/officers being interviewed including Eric Pickles Nick Boles and Mark Prisk the Housing Minister.
    The meeting was considering the proposed housing figures for the country but NOT ONCE did I hear mention of infrastructure, services etc. Maybe that was not their brief and perhaps there is a second sequel to follow ……..

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